about us

We stand on firm grounds which allows us to dream bigger dreams.

Who we are

Founded in 2001, Origin IMS pioneered ensuring the realization of the biggest and most impressive marketing and advertising campaigns, led by the passion of its founders and their immaculate expertise Origin IMS succeeded in being the First Choice Partner for the Top Trend Setters in the Egyptian market today!

Origin’s growth has been on the rise with sustainable grounds by expanding levels with our services as well as our portfolio of our most esteemed partners.

Today we stand on firm grounds with even more passionate and unyielding dreams of expansion and growth with a zealous and commitment to creating new thresholds of Integrated marketing Services that haven’t been yet tapped and continue working our magic.

Mission & Vision


To be recognized as the client’s first choice partner for originating Creative Integrated Marketing Solutions.


Origin partners with clients for optimizing their success through breakthrough solutions, attracts and sustains talents with an innovative workplace, and constantly serves and develops the community by leveraging creativity on all levels.


A Word by the Chairman


DSC_8233“To create that intimate integrated bond between all the parts of a campaign a very deep understanding of the culture, diverse societies, distinct characteristics of demographicsand how to best build a ONE on ONE relationship with the direct consumer; this Origin IMS has proven to be the owner of at the Egyptian Market.

This has been the foundation upon which our philosophy has been built upon; Origin is a team of assets that complement each other to make one solid entity. We partner with our clients and agencies to develop strong strategic success stories. And we all together work hand in hand for the betterment of our society.

It all beats with the heart of honest and caring communication; that is the Origin of Origin.


El Husseiny Abdel Rahman